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hey there.

Background - when deploying Be RC0 with Jdk7 (default supportted jdk for ubuntu 14.04 LTS), we see that ODL runs with very high CPU Load (+500% on multicore) when the system is idleing (SFC plugin/packages enabled). It is observed that when we switch of jdk8 (non official version for ubuntu 14.04) the load values for an idling system return to, while still a bit high for a machine doing nothing, acceptable values).

The fuel plugin mechanism is such that when building the package dependancies for odl, the call to java resolves to the latest supported version for that OS (in this case 14.04 LTS - jdk7) we are struggling to come up with a "good" solution in fuel /plugin.

We can of course, add PPA or non-official repos, grab the tar, untar and set JAVA_HOME via a puppet script, however in this approach we then create a list of non-supported dependencies that have to be coded for, managed, etc - since we are not in supported line.

One idea would be to have two versions (Branch) of the fuel-odl-plugin (one with standard jdk7 and the other with jdk8) and thus we dont impact all odl users (who want the vanilla plugin with supported versions) fixing an issue but updating java to a new version.

I was wondering (since I see in odl releng and other areas there are patches dealing with using java_alternatives as a way of switching around) - what method you folks in ODL have thought to tackle the issue.

Thoughts / Suggestions? thx, D

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