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VTN Coordinator does not get vBridge created by VTN Manager API

asked 2016-02-12 07:09:43 -0700

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I have a simple setup with one VTN Coordinator and one ODL with VTN Manager running. The ODL release is lithium sr3. Trying to play with Mininet to create L2 virtual networks with vBridges.

Everything works fine if the virtual network resources are created by the VTN Coordinator.

If I create vBridges directly from VTN Manager REST APIs, they are not visible at the VTN Coordinator with GET vtns. Is it an expected behavior?

What happens if one creates virtual networks with OpenStack/VTN Manager? Are these networks not accessible from the VTN Coordinator?

Thanks. Giacomo

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answered 2016-02-18 01:40:52 -0700


Yes, it is an expected behavior. There is no REST API command present in VTN Coordinator to import VTN Manager configurations.

Virtual network resources needs to be created in VTN Manager using VTN Coordinator. If VTN Coordinator is connected with VTN Manager.

Regards, Bharathi M

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