Exception: Security Mapping [free access] is already registered

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I am new to this community/opendaylight. Currently working on a project which I don't have much insight into complete code.

We are integrating two applications into one. Basically want to have web and two controllers(features). I am able to install the two features on open daylight . When I access the URLs one I am getting 404 page not found.

https://xx.xx.xx.xxx/controller/first...invindex.html => working perfectly
https://xx.xx.xx.xxx/controller/secon...invindex.html => getting 404 page not found error.

I don't have any clue. All the configuration and mapping is correct.

I have observed few error


2016-01-20 22:22:33.796 GMT+00:00 [pool-7-thread-2] ERROR o.o.p.w.e.w.i.RegisterWebAppVisitorWC - Registration exception. Skipping java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Security Mapping [free access] is already registered. at org.ops4j.pax.web.service.spi.model.ServiceModel.addSecurityConstraintMappingModel(ServiceModel.java:330) [na:na]

error2: [nettyThreadgroupModule$NioEventLoopGroupCloseable-7-2] WARN o.o.c.s.c.n.l.NetconfDeviceCommunicator - RemoteDevice{controller-config}: Session went down java.io.IOException: End of input detected. Close the session. at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.nettyutil.AbstractNetconfSession.endOfInput(AbstractNetconfSession.java:76) [org.opendaylight.controller.netconf-netty-util:0.2.6.Helium-SR1-20008] at org.opendaylight.protocol.framework.AbstractProtocolSession.channelInactive(AbstractProtocolSession.java:39) [org.opendaylight.controller.protocol-framework:0.5.1.Helium-SR1-20008]

Any help appreciated.

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