After restart OpenDaylight is out of sync with Openstack

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I have installation of Opnestack Kilo (2015.1.1) integrated with OpenDaylight Lithium-SR2. I can create networks, boot instances, assign floating IPs, etc. Everything works fine until I need to restart ODL. To do that I login to karaf and execute shutdown. Then when I start ODL again I see that controller API does not return any networks and ports:

curl ... /controller/nb/v2/neutron/networks
   "networks" : [ ]
curl ... /controller/nb/v2/neutron/ports
   "ports" : [ ]

At that point the communication with instances is still intact. I am able to new boot instance at that stage, and I see that after the instance boots, the "controller/nb/v2/neutron/networks" returns correct list of networks, but the "controller/nb/v2/neutron/ports" returns only ports associated with the newly booted instance.

Then when I reboot any instance there is no communication possible with it, even from it's dhcp or qrouter namespace. I've tried restarting neutron but does not help.

Is there special procedure I should follow to sync OpenDaylight with Openstack after restart?

Currently the only recovery path I know that works is to recreate all networks and reattach interfaces to instance's. I think there must be better way, of restarting OpenDaylight. Please advise.

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Have you set up SELinux in permissive mode?, sometimes if you reboot your openstack machine and you haven't set up the SElinux fin that mode the configuration changes back and it doesn't allow you to establish the connection with the opendaylight controller.

Gabs90 ( 2016-01-27 00:26:35 -0700 )edit

I am using Ubuntu and have SELinux disabled. I have not seen any problem with establishing connection between OpenStack and OpenDaylight. Moreover I do not restart the machine, I just restart OpenDaylight.

michalm ( 2016-02-01 08:38:22 -0700 )edit