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Questions about MultiControllerAndArbiterDesign

asked 2016-01-19 01:41:32 -0700

loma gravatar image

Hi, As Info in

Questions: 1.if there are 3 controllers (A,B,C) and 2 switches(S1,S2),( S1 links to A,B,C, S2 links to B, C ), does it means that there would be two leaders, one is elected for S1 , and the other one is elected for S2? 2.what is the relationship between "MultiControllerAndArbiterDesign" and "MD-SAL Clustering" thank you very much.

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answered 2016-06-01 16:18:02 -0700

bertrand gravatar image

Hi there,

In response to your questions:

  1. I believe that which controller gets elected as leader is based on the AKKA framework implementation. What I understand to be true is that a switch can only have 1 leader/master, but it appears to be possible for a controller to be leader/master of more than one switch.

  2. Maybe you can think about the relationship like so: the "MultiControllerAndArbiterDesign" is used to implement "MD-SAL Clustering". That is, the general concepts in the MultiControllerAndArbiterDesign (e.g. leader/master, slave, election process) are used to implement clustering for various components in ODL.

The following links may help clarify - Openflowplugin clustering - MDSAL clustering

hope that helps

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