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Do we need routing protocols in SDN?

asked 2016-01-11 19:51:43 -0700

hghalwash gravatar image

I understand that SDN is all about adding flow entries using Openflow protocol, which is not a routing protocol, I am confused about the following points.

  1. As known, routing protocols simply construct the routing table based on understanding network topology. what are the case that will need routing protocols in our SDN networks? would it be only when using multiple controllers?

  2. Is there any available routing protocols that are ready to be used in opendaylight?

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answered 2016-01-15 06:18:55 -0700

runamuck gravatar image

Routing protocols allow autonomous nodes to get visibility to global network state. With OpenDaylight (which can accomodate OpenFlow among others) you have a centralized controller or cluster of controllers that immediately know global state. So, ideally, you would not need routing protocols. You may chose to use routing protocols independent of your OpenDaylight controlled network, i.e. an underlay or overlay network. That being said, you can integrate with other non ODL controlled networks using BGP or IS-IS for example.

A good way of looking at SDN/ NFV is that all your nodes (which used to run STP, LACP, OSPF or whatever) just become a pile of interfaces and backplanes that ODL can use as resources.

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