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How to use L2switch project's function in my project?

asked 2016-01-11 05:03:33 -0700

karthik330 gravatar image

Hi , I am developing an MD SAL application which will get Source and Destination as input from the user,to find the shortest path between the hosts.I Got Input from the user, But to find the shortest path,I need to call the function from the Loop-remover project @ L2switch. I dont know how to import that loop-remover package to my Application. How can i do that? Can anyone please help me. and another case if suppose im editing l2switch project's file , how ODL will know about these changes?

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answered 2016-01-12 05:33:16 -0700

Vishal Thapar gravatar image

You can only call that if it is being exposed as an API/Service. From the quick look at the code, doesn't look like it will let you use it.

If you edit any file in any ODL project, it will stay local to you till you push it into gerrit and others review approve and merge it.

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thnx fr replying. My Ultimate goal is get the path between 2 hosts.Is thr any direct API available? If not what should i do?I gone through l2switch project where Path related code exists.I am struggling a lot.Please help me .

karthik330 ( 2016-01-12 07:39:03 -0700 )edit

Best would be to get in touch with l2switch developers at

Vishal Thapar ( 2016-01-12 08:12:05 -0700 )edit

send an email to the nic-dev list. I saw this mail from them yesterday and maybe it would be of use for you:

jamoluhrsen ( 2016-01-12 08:17:10 -0700 )edit

Thank you @vishal and @jamoluhrsen . Your guidelines helped me.I sent a mail ,waiting for response .

karthik330 ( 2016-01-12 22:24:57 -0700 )edit
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