Routing in Lithium and Intent Question

asked 2016-01-05 11:52:15 -0800

DeJuan gravatar image

We know that the routing included in the base distribution of Helium was removed in the Lithium release. However, the karaf distribution does not seem to have ever had routing, or if it did, we did not find it nor was it apparent that it was present. We are wondering if there is any sort of routing built into Lithium's openflowplugin karaf distribution so that users can plug and play with the distribution for testing. Also, we would like to know whether or not the intent framework has some sort of routing along the lines of how ONOS does their intent system, or if it's more of a supplementary system for providing additional rule constraints or allowances.

Also, please do not point us to using the l2switch distribution instead. There are several longstanding bugs in that distribution which preclude its use with our particular use cases (bug IDs 2129 and 3345 are particularly relevant) and as such it is not an option. We are only interested in the karaf distribution of the openflowplugin since clustering can only be used with karaf distributions, according to your User Guide, Developer's Guide, and wiki.

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