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How to run OpenDaylight HELIUM with of1.3

asked 2014-11-06 00:34:32 -0700

anonymous user


The controller comes with only OpenFlow 1.0,how to run HELIUM with of1.3?

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answered 2014-11-06 07:41:40 -0700


updated 2014-11-07 15:00:44 -0700

Check here for the Answer

The step are almost the same just starting it is little different, (this is if you wish to make changes in the controller code and the openflowplugin code base, if you just want to change the openflowplugin code based then you only need to do steps 2,4 and 5.

  1. pull down controller repo.
  2. pull down openflowplug repo
  3. build controller
  4. build openflowplugin
  5. run it with the command below in openflowplug repo


  1. Install features

feature:install odl-openflowplugin-flow-services

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Thank you for your apply, but this method is suitable for Hydrogen, not for the latest Helium.

graspol ( 2014-11-06 21:12:14 -0700 )edit

So i have updated the answer on both, and also the wiki to be Helium based.

Chris O'Shea ( 2014-11-07 20:19:01 -0700 )edit

Thanks so much, the problem has been solved.

graspol ( 2014-11-09 17:42:38 -0700 )edit

You mean to say , I have to open two terminal and in first I have to run the controller ---------------------------------------------------------------- controller/opendaylight/distribution/opendaylight-karaf/target/distribution.opendaylight-karaf-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT# ./bin/karaf ----------------------------------------------------------------- And in second openflow plugin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- openflowplugin/distribution/karaf/target/assembly/bin/karaf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then openflow plugin and controller will talk with each other and my controller work with openflow plugin. Is my understanding right? I have done the same But I am not able to see that packet is coming controller "(I made a application which which will print "Hello" when packetIn will come to controller by using "receiveDataPacket(RawPacket inPkt)" fun)" . Please direct me .

devverma ( 2014-11-18 20:37:54 -0700 )edit

Hello,graspol.I have got similar problem.I want to run opendaylight with modified openflowplugin.I have downloaded integration project from git clone and openflowplugin project form git clone I operated as below: I:build integration project . II:run the project. III:install features .IV:modify and bulid openflowplugin project. But how can I run the integration project with the modified openflowplugin project. Please tell me how to make it step by step .Thanks.

jiangshuimei ( 2015-04-23 04:27:49 -0700 )edit
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