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Why Forwarding Rules Manager service is not present in Hydrozen Base 1.0 ?

asked 2014-11-04 03:15:03 -0700

swarvanusg gravatar image

For adding flow we have used forwarding rule manager service of Opendaylight.

We have developed the plugin by pulling the code from :

As it is described in:,Hacking,andPushingtheCodefromthe_CLI

But in the base edition when we running the bundle the ""Forwarding Rule Manager"" service dependency not getting resolved.

Q1> Is there is any reason for ""Forwarding Rule Manager"" service not to be present in Opendaylight Base edition?

Q2> What should be the alternatives for flow managing while using ADSAL ?

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answered 2015-04-26 23:05:19 -0700

HI Swar, As per my knowledge Forwarding rule manager is not present in Helium verion. Whenever you download the code , you get latest version of ODL which is now helium . Reasonfor removing FRM may be introducing the l2switch . On 2nd question, Yet to be explored , I will try to get back to you. Thanks Dev

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