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I install the features odl-dlux-all and odl-openflowplugin-flow-services-ui

You should see the Yang UI in dlux now. Expand the opendaylight-inventory menu. For configuring expand the config menu. For retrieving information use the operational menu.

An easy way to test if this is working for you is to retrieve node information. Navigate to / click on operational -> nodes

Below in path you'll see:


GET is selected. Click on send. You should see a list of your openflow switches returned.

Configuring a flow is more tricky. You need to get all fields correct. Navigate to:

config -> nodes -> node {id} -> table {id} -> flow {id}

Fill in your openflow switch name for node, 0 for table and choose a flow (sequence) number, e.g. 5 (must be unique for each entry). You should select PUT now. Click on + (add item). Expand match. Fill in a number for in-port, e.g. 42. At the bottom you need to insert the table number again (table_id). Click put and you should see a flow entry like:

cookie=0x0, duration=7.384s, table=0, npackets=n/a, nbytes=0, in_port=42 actions=drop

This interface is useful to explore flow syntax. When you have figured out the correct syntax, you can use the "Show preview" to look at the json string. This string can be used with any REST client, e.g. curl or postman. For postman: as URL you need to use:


Content-type: application/json

Accept: application/json

Basic Auth: admin/admin

Use JSON and paste the string in the body part. Clicking send should do the trick now. Hope this helps you get started.