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The flows you have in your switches are punting LLDP (dltype 0x88cc) to the controller. Those are probably the packetins you are seeing. Those are what ODL will use to learn the links in the network. It will be sending down packetout LLDP messages on one switch port and then the connected switch will punt it to the controller (note: that flow has highest priority=100). When the controller gets that packetin from the LLDP it has sent as a packet_out, it will know there is a link there.

The other flows are doing like you say and just blindly forwarding like this:

s1  :  in_port:1 --> forward out port 2
       in_port:2 --> forward out port 1

s2  :  in_port:3 --> forward out port 1 and 2
       in_port:1 --> forward out port 2 and 3
       in_port:2 --> forward out port 3 and 1

s3 (same as s2)

Assuming you have L2-switch installed those forwarding rules should be loop free, but also allowing full connectivity between end hosts.