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I have reached the stage where I could see some flows in br-int.

vagrant@oscontroller1:~$ dump OFPSTFLOW reply (OF1.3) (xid=0x2): cookie=0x0, duration=3211.808s, table=0, npackets=0, nbytes=0, dltype=0x88ccactions=CONTROLLER:65535 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s,table=0, npackets=4, nbytes=320,priority=0 actions=gototable:20 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s,table=20, npackets=4, nbytes=320, priority=0 actions=gototable:30 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=30, npackets=0, nbytes=0,priority=0 actions=gototable:40 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=40, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:50 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=50, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:60 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=60, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:70 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=70, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:80 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=80, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:90 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=90, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:100 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=100, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=gototable:110 cookie=0x0, duration=3212.851s, table=110, npackets=0, nbytes=0, priority=0 actions=drop

But while spwanning the vm in openstack its throwing an error saying

No Host found


When I checked the vxlan tunnels are not created though the openstack sends a VM update request to ODL.

POC Info:

  1. Integrating Juno-Lithium
  2. Used puppet to install openstack
  3. 4 node setup : 1controller,1network,1compute,1ODL
  4. ovs version is 2.0.2
  5. However "curl -u admin:admin http://${CONTROL_HOST}:8080/controller/nb/v2/neutron/ networks" returns { "networks" : [ ] }

What am I missing here. Is this again has anything to do with Lithium? Please help me out.