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As @subhash said, Hydrogen uses mostly AD-SAL and some MD-SAL. However, the Topology Manager is using AD-SAL, so activating OpenFlow 1.3 does not help much. Most of the AD-SAL ReST API documentation can be found in the source code, so your best bet is to clone the controller repository, build the source, and point your browser to the generated documentation. For each Northbound ReST API project that is under target/site/wsdocs/index.html. So for topology you would open opendaylight/northbound/topology/target/site/wsdocs/index.html.

git clone
cd controller
git checkout -t origin/stable/hydrogen
mvn clean install -DskipTests
firefox opendaylight/northbound/topology/target/site/wsdocs/index.html

You can explore the ReST documentation for all of the AD-SAL Northbound components this way.

The reason this is not in the wiki is because the Jenkins continuous integration platform used to publish these artifacts, but they have been since deprecated and removed. The only place in the wiki I found mentioning the old AD-SAL Topology Manager API with a few examples is the CSIT Test Plan Base page.