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Just make a List<node> and put it in DeviceInfo and don't forget to submit. Since submit is actually putting your data to the Data Store.

public void onSessionInitiated(ProviderContext session) {

    db = session.getSALService(DataBroker.class);
    notificationService = session.getSALService(NotificationProviderService.class);

    List<Node> listNode = new LinkedList<Node>();
    Node node1 = new NodeBuilder().setId("1").setDescription("this is the first node").build();
    Node node2 = new NodeBuilder().setId("2").setDescription("this is the second node").build();

    DeviceInfo operationalData = new DeviceInfoBuilder()
    .setName("Test Name")
    .setDescription("Test Desc")

    WriteTransaction tx = db.newWriteOnlyTransaction();
    InstanceIdentifier<DeviceInfo> DEVICE_IID = InstanceIdentifier.builder(DeviceInfo.class).build();

    tx.put(LogicalDatastoreType.OPERATIONAL, DEVICE_IID, operationalData);
    tx.submit();"HelloProvider Session Initiated");

for complete reference refer to

You can check the result with apidoc as below. :-D image description

Have fun!