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you can just install "odl-l2switch-switch-ui" as a single feature and that will give you DLUX, restconf, etc, as it depends on all of those.

as mentioned already, you need to make sure your switch(es) is connected. you can look at the GUI as well as checking with REST. for GUI, point your browser to http://<controller ip>:8181/dlux.html (assuming Lithium is installed). For REST, send your curl command to http://<controler ip>:8181/restconf/config/opendaylight-inventory:nodes and make sure your switch(es) are in the response.

since you are using AWS, make sure your security groups are allowing access to 8181 since I assume you'll be hitting that port from your local system in to that AWS cloud.

if your switch(es) are showing up, and the l2switch-ui feature was installed, you should be able to ping now between the hosts on mininet. If you still cannot ping, then more debugging is needed. You can check if the mininet switches have any flows installed (they should) with dpctl dump-flows -O OpenFlow13 on your mininet console. if no flows are there, then ping will not work and you'd have to figure out why there are no flows.

hope it helps get you closer...