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After changing the ip as Nomorekek says in fix 1 the GRE tunneling was created normally.

When I created the internal network and started a instance VM I saw this error in neutron-server logs

2015-07-20 14:38:19.361 6038 WARNING neutron.plugins.ml2.plugin [req-097fe650-29a9-4bbe-88bd-53e27969859b ] In _notify_port_updated(), no bound segment for port 27166b67-7f09-4474-bb37-c0e6ab8666d4 on network 397ad238-a545-49af-b6a9-ea23b4eb56b8

One other question is related to the external network. In Lithium is working properly? Does anyone manage to connect via floating ip to the internet?

Friendly, Christos