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my initial guess is that something is wrong with the flow internally to ODL. There are examples of flows that will post NB and exist in the config store, but do not pass internal checks and then the SB flow_mod will not be sent. One example, IIRC, is if you send a flow without a priority field.

You may find a clue in the file data/log/karaf.log Search for an exception around the time you push the flow to NB restconf.

One gotcha worth mentioning is that once the flow is in config store, sending it to NB again will not re-trigger a SB reaction. you need to first DELETE the flow via NB rest then re-send. so, typical debug workflow looks like this:

  1. PUT flow via NB rest
  2. check that it exists in config store
  3. check that it exists in operational and/or on switch

if 3 fails, check karaf.log, tcpdump, switch logs. then use DELETE on same rest call from 1 and repeat steps 1-3 changing whatever you think can help debug.