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If you setup a 3-node cluster and run the add delete flow test on it - replication should happen.

Alternately if you want to test performance you can use the dsbenchmark test.

To use dsbenchmark clone the coretutorials project and the tools are in there,

Assuming you have cloned coretutorials. You need to build like so,

cd coretutorials/dsbenchmark mvn clean install

This creates a distribution in dsbenchmark-karaf/target. It’s a regular karaf distribution so you can run it like any other and it already has the features for the dsbenchmark app added by default so no feature:install will be needed.

The python script which is called is in the directory coretutorials/dsbenchmark/dsbenchmark-scripts

To run the script simply do python By default the script will run against localhost - which you can customize by specifying host/port. To see other customization options run with python —help

You need to deploy the dsbenchmark distribution in a 3-node cluster using the cluster deployment tool