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I normally run into this error when Neutron is unable to reach ODL server. You can try the following:

  1. Is ODL listening on port 8080? Run netstat to confirm.
  2. Are you able to reach ODL node's port 8080 form your Neutron Server node? Try 'wget <odl-ip>:8080' and see if you get any response. If you're using a proxy, try the same again with '--no-proxy' option. If second one works, then you need to add ODL ip to your no-proxy list on neutron server node.
  3. Check your ODL, if it is still running or any exceptions in log. With hydrogen I would sometimes get into "Out-of-memory" error on receiving requests from Neutron.

Neutron server node refers to wherever you're running Neutron server. Most folks run it on controller node but I've seen some installations run it on Network node also.