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This is likely a proxy issue or some sort of corrupted local maven repository. Try the following steps.

Maven Settings

Check that maven is installed and your settings.xml file for maven at /usr/share/maven/conf/settings.xml is configured correctly (double check proxy settings, nexus repository settings etc). Edit etc files for karaf to point to shared maven config:

cd <karaf-distro>/etc

Edit org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg and add



Add proxy setting below only if you are using a proxy


Delete Local Maven Repository and Karaf Data contents

Remove the repository folder in your .m2 directory:

rm -rf ~/.m2/repository

Remove the data folder content:

rm -rf <karaf-distro>/data/*

Karaf uses maven to download dependencies at run-time, if there are conflicts in the maven repository or a proxy is blocking maven from downloading dependencies you will experience this issue.