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Hi Kushal , Make sure the version of NCmount and ODL are same. Hope you are using Lithium for both. Here you are adding the feature of ncmount at run time using repo:add. one more step also you try. manually copy the full repository of ncmount (.m2/repo/org/opendaylight/coretutorials/ncmount..) to /home/sdn/distribution-karaf-0.3.0-Lithium/system/{org/opendaylight/coretutorials/} . Then it will work. However it is not efficient way.

I guess you are using tar ball of ODL where no possibility of modifying the source. I recommend you to clone the integration-distribution and add the dependency of ncmount in feature-index/pom.xml and repository of ncmount in feature.xml. Thats all. After building ODL, ncmount feature is ready to install at the karaf console. Even you can make it as boot feature!.

Thanks, Karthik