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Hi friend , Hope you know ODL is having many branches (He, Hydrogen,Lithium,Be,.etc) .So they keep on improving/changing/Removing the source.Clear?. At Boron also they changed the folder structures and following Blue Print kind of model. I guess no wiki page to guide developers in Boron.However it is not much complex if you understood the previous ODL branches . In your case, you are using 1.2.0-Snap ;If you get any build error(like could not find 1.2.0) means they removed that version in the repository, To confirm it just go to that error-link,there you may not find the specified version.

i recommend you to see this Link Archetype-doubt
You will get more clarity. If you are beginner, start learning stable/berylium with the guide of wiki page .

Thanks, Karthik