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Hi, SNMP4SDN is southbound plugin of Odl where one can install the flow configuration on legacy network elements, and this is done via SNMP and CLI in the proposed plugin. In addition, extensions to the SAL configuration APIs are needed to provide additional API to support some settings, e.g. disabling STP and flooding, etc, which are required for Ethernet switches in SDN.

Whereas SNMP plugin is used to do snmpget/snmpwalk request from the odlcontroller,i.e if you want to get the systemdate or standard ietf-MIB parameters, you can do snmpget using SNMP plugin apis.

So if you want to configure the legacy elements use SNMP4SDN, while if you just want to do snmpget/snmpset or snmpwalk on snmp mib than you should use SNMP plugin.