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Here is the l2switch config guide if it helps.

but, I think your config is setting the dropall flow to false, so the flow to drop packets instead of punting to controller is not given to your switches.

another variable in your set is the ovs version. I think ovs 2.0 will punt all packets to controller by default, whereas newer versions (e.g. 2.4) will drop all packets by default.

karthik330 is correct with the workflow. If you are building l2switch locally, and still want to use the full distribution, you have to then build the integration/distribution project which will use your l2switch changes that were built locally. But, if all you are doing is changing the config file, you don't need to build anything. you can

  • start the controller and install your l2switch feature(s). this will create the config files.
  • stop the controller
  • modify the config files, and restart.