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Looks like the user guide you mention needs to be updated. I will look into doing that for Boron.

To answer your questions:

Am I wrong in my opinions?

I dont think its correct to say that just because NSH hasnt been merged into OVS that its not stable. The OVS community is indeed taking a very long time to merge the NSH patches, but that's not due to stability.

Is there any problem with the Services Functions which are not NSH aware?

What we call "Non NSH-Aware" Service Functions is the only drawback to using NSH right now. Its a new technology which requires the industry to adapt.

I would invite you to try one of the following 2 NSH demos:

The Ericsson demo you mentioned above is currently broken due to some changes in Beryllium. This demo was prepared before we had any NSH demos available. I would prefer to migrate everyone over to the NSH demos.