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Hi , From your question , i understand that you have created Quickstart-Archetype project(Hello). And you want to install hello feature in ODL(Lithium Distribution) . Isn't it? whatever jdavid said is correct.

You could use repo:add command to add hello project to ODL at run time. But everytime adding is like waste of time.simply follow below steps.

Step 1 : integration-distribution/features-index/pom.xml . You have to add the dependency of hello Project

Step 2 : integration-distribution/features-index/src/main/resources/features.xml . you have to add the feature details of hello Project. Plz make sure you are giving right path and right versions after mvn:org.opendaylight.hello ! .

Once you build your ODL , and when you launch karaf plz check feature:list | grep hello . If it is coming then you have done! . Simple install feature:install odl-hello or whatever ..

Note : If you get any error(version miss match) when you are installing ,It is because conflict between the versions in ODl and Hello. Always make sure both the projects have same versions. For ex ,In ODL if yang tools version is 0.8.3-SNAPSHOT then it should be same in Hello . Tip : If you use stable/berylium-Distribution , and create new hello project(It will download latest ODL parent).And simply add the dependency in pom and feature.xml .It will work.You wont face could not install error.