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ODL API is expecting 'source-port-range' also in the JSON body. So, the JSON format should be the following:

{ 'acl': [ { 'acl-name': u'myclass', 'access-list-entries': { 'ace': [ {'matches': { 'destination-port-range': {'lower-port': 80, 'upper-port': 80, 'source-port-range': {'lower-port': 80, 'upper-port': 80}, 'protocol': 6}, 'actions': {'netvirt-sfc-acl:rsp-name': u'Path-mychain-Path-24'}, 'rule-name': u'myclass'} ] } } ] }

It seems, it is a bug in ODL Berrylium.

Regards, Srikanth.