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Your SNMP4SDN plugin should generate a topology based on network-topology.yang model as supported by ODL and univoquely identified by a topology-id of your choice. It is basically a collection of nodes, termination-points and links following the syntax of the specified network-topology.yang model and possible augmentations of.

Your topology is going to be stored into the operative data storage, supposed it is originated by a plug-in. Another scenario is the case whereby you inject topology by northbound restconf I/f and store it into the configuration data storage.

Then you can take advantage of the TPF in order to implement some of the available topology operations, such as aggregation or filtration.

You should declare the topology-id of your SNMP4SDN generated topology as underlay topology of the topoprocessing generated one (which has associated a topology-id as well).

You may look at the end-to-end example at:

where two underlay topologies, pcep-topology:1 and pcep-topology:2 are aggregated based on ip-address