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I could get the shortest path between two hosts with ODL topology REST API & Python Networkx module. I used mininet simulator and created a custom network topology with multipath.

  1. From ODL network topology REST api response, extracted hosts, switch & links details. You can even use ODL python client SDK python-odl to get the topology information

  2. With the links details, i generated a Graph using python networkx module.

      import networkx as nx
      graph = nx.Graph()
  3. Then by using Dijkstra's Algorithm, can find the shortest path between any two hosts in the topology

     path = nx.dijkstra_path(graph, source_node, dest_node)

Even we can find the list of shortest paths available for a set of hosts

     nx.all_shortest_paths(graph, source=source, target=dest)

Please share your comments on this approach.