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You can try with ODL OVSDB northbound API. I have tried with below steps:

  • Install features.(I'm not sure all of these are required)

    feature:install odl-l2switch-all odl-ovsdb-all odl-base-all odl-aaa-authn odl-restconf-all odl-nsf-all odl-adsal-northbound odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-dlux-all

    feature:install odl-ovsdb-southbound-api odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-rest odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui odl-openflowplugin-all-li odl-openflowplugin-adsal-compatibility-all

  • Connect OVS to Controller.
  • Try to get OVS nodes by Rest API with POSTMAN. >
  • Create tunnel bridge, port, interface.

    Crete Bridge POST:

    BODY: { "row": { "Bridge": { "name": "s1" } } }

    Create Port POST:

    BODY: { "parent_uuid":"4d2742b0-e5d8-4228-8c56-4a283f50038e", "row":{ "Port":{ "name":"vtep" } } }

    Create Vxlan Interface Post:

    BODY: { "parent_uuid": "cbe6c477-8561-4fbb-84ae-66949941fe06", "row":{ "Interface":{ "name":"vtep" } } }

  • Update VxLAN Interface.


    BODY: { "row":{ "Interface":{ "type":"vxlan", "ofportrequest":10, "options": [ "map", [ ["key","flow"], ["localip",""], ["remote_ip",""] ] ] } } }

Note: in URL follow v2/node/ for example {OVS/} is the OVS node. you can replace according to rest response. And UUID part you can refer to OVSDB guide.