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Hi all, I am also facing the same issue. I am using json instead of xml.

Following is my url and request body (json)

{"flow": {"instructions": {"instruction": {"order": "0","apply-actions": {"action": { "order": "0" }}}},"table_id": "2","id": "10","cookie_mask": "255","match": { "ethernet-match": {"ethernet-type": { "type": "2048" }},"ipv4-source": ""},"hard-timeout": "12","cookie": "3","idle-timeout": "34","flow-name": "Blocking flow1","priority": "2"}}

I want to add 'drop' as an action. Not sure how to do that.

For this request I get 200 as response code, but the flow is not installed in the switch when i check dump-flows. Please anyone help me in this issue.